We need to review down the salaries, renumerations of our government officials: Fela Durotoye

The young presidential aspirant under the platform of Alliance for New Nigeria ANN has made it known yesterday that the present generation of the country must seek a redress in restructuring the Nigeria economy. Fela Durotoye said this at the 6th Annual Economic Students Conference and the 16th Leadership Qualities and Entrepreneur Development (AESC&LQED) themed : Redefining Nigeria’s Economy independence: A quest for Economy Development” with presence of the invited guests, Femi Falana, Ayodeji Ebo, Abubakar Jimo, Ago Teriba, Bidemi Olumide, Segun Ogunsanya, Patience Oniha. This was held on the 7th of November, Obafemi Awolowo University.
The key note speaker of the event, Fela Durotoye when addressing the audience narrated the good governance in Nigeria back in 90s. He further stressed that students enjoyed free education and accomodattion during that time in contrast to what the present government offers her citizens. He also added that one generation must know it’s race and know the time to handover to the next generation. He also stated that when a generation handover to another, it may be an advantage or a disadvantage to her people.”A generation that serves an as advantage for the next generation is a good generation and the one that destroys is a disadvantage for the next generation.
The presidential aspirant also stressed further that ” a generation that hand over wastage, the next generation will end up producing wastage generation and the trend will keep on that way”
Fela Durotoye also expressed that the next generation rest their fate of greatness over what the previous generation left behind. And every great generation must accept responsibility. “A great generation must believe, see and commit their time, effort, and energy to doing what is worth doing well for her people. And to achieve this, a great generation must understand that blaming and pointing accusing finger is not the best way to start and also not a good leadership skill either”.
“…failures plus explanation does not result to a great generation. And every great nation depends on good governance”, he added.

Fela Durotoye, when reacting to the way government handles natural resources in the country, He further pointed out that Nigeria can be the great nation we all aim and clamour for if we invest more on natural resources with the good quality and large quantity of the natural resources the country is endowed with.
And all citizens must be treated with equal rights irrespective of social differences. “A great nation is that nation where every body gets equal right across sectors, disciplines and spheres”. He further added that to get a great Nigeria, ” we have to identify every wastages in governance and set them back; by cutting the cost of governance to a favorable one to all and make governance effective. And most of all, leverage all the resources of Nigeria and re-orrientise Nigerians and get all into the meaningfulness.
The Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) presidential aspirant also reacted against the cost of democracy in the country. He noted that the money government used in practising demaocray is too much and instead, reduction should be made in allowances given to government officials in the country. “We need to review down the salaries, renumerations, of our government officials, most especially the senators. If we try to pay all the elected official the minimum wage, we will have a long way to go in serving the rest of the people. So, it is important that we must cut down the cost of governance in Nigeria” he said.
The keynote speaker also explained that the government should pay more attention to natural resources like gold present in some states in order to serve as an internally generated revenue for them. He said that there are about 11 states in the country and 28 local government fully blessed with gold and all kinds of natural resources. He made it known that if government should invest more on these states like Osun, Ondo, and their natural resources, which will strengthen the economy of the country.
The aspiring president further expressed that little have been invested in education in the past few years. He said that Nigeria government must invest in education and teachers in order to develop the country. “Nigerians are born with wings to fly and this is why everywhere Nigerians get to in the world to study, they are always among the top five. It is time we start investing in the education, especially the teachers and students by providing the learnable environment for our educational system. We must commit to investing in the future of the nation through a positive investment in to our education” he said.

The chairman of the AESC committee, Mr Afolabi Junior, pointed out that the programme was not only to sensitise people about the state of the country’s economy but key to mapping out the developmental issues as regards the economy of the country with a view to finding a lasting solution to the backwardness of the country.

A representative of United capital PLC; Mr Ore Ajayi an online market space company, while addressing the audience to go about solving the economy challenge of the country with the “investNow” platform said that the global space on the internet has several planned products that every person can invest into with a favorable market product. He however said that the key activities is to work with the officials of the company and have investment of any capital done in a worthwhile state to keep generating a life long fund from the investment.