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6 Natural Remedies for Period Pain

Womanhood is a wonderful thing. But there are certain very difficult situations women can experience in their life that men can never even try to understand. Menstrual cycles are one of them. Not all women are able to go through an easy period cycle. It is important to look into precautions to cope up with period pain.

Here are a few simple home remedies that can help in reducing period pains and fight against menstrual cramps.


Reducing your fat consumption and increasing consumption of vegetables can be of help. When you follow a low-fat diet it helps in reducing the overall inflammation in your body. This can be very healthy in general terms as well. As a start, begin replacing saturated unhealthy fat with unsaturated fat. A typical example would be choosing olive oil over refined oil. Even while choosing dairy products go for the low-fat variant than the regular ones.


Tea can be used to get relief against several side effects of menstruation. Once you start anticipating your periods, you can start consuming whatever you feel would help you. Cramp bark is one such typical example. Peppermint tea can also be of great advantage. Chamomile tea helps in relieving muscle spasms and also helps to relax your nerves by increasing urinary levels of glycine.


Drinking a lot of water will help stop fluid retention in your body and reduce painful bloating. It is better to consume hot water or at least warm water. This can help reduce cramps. Consumption of any hot liquid can increase the flow of blood and relax your cramped muscles.


Ginger reduces the levels of prostaglandins in your body and effectively reduces period pains. As an inclusive bonus, it also helps your system regularise period pains and fight against symptoms of premenstrual syndrome like fatigue.


A few herbal remedies are known to be anti-inflammatory by nature and can reduce muscle contractions and swelling which is associated with menstrual pain. Ginger, dill, fennel seeds and cinnamon are a few examples of such herbs. Please contact a medical practitioner before using any such herbs.


Might be the last but always the best. Make sure to get enough rest both mentally and physically. Excessive stress during this time can be very bad for you. It is always important to be physically healthy to maintain stable mental health as well. It would never hurt to help yourselves be of support to yourself in any way possible.